Limb Amputation in Dogs & Cats


A lot of people apply human emotions to amputation.  It would affect our lives dramatically, we would have a difficult time adjusting but dogs don’t over analyze it.  Dogs just wake up the next day and carry on.  You would be amazed and inspired by how well pets adapt.  It will make you want to be more like your dog.

  • Limb amputation is a surgical procedure commonly performed in dogs & cats to remove a diseased or injured limb, either front or rear.
  • Dogs function exceptionally well on three legs and are able to run, walk, and play without pain or discomfort. Dogs do not suffer the psychological distress of losing a limb the same way a human does. The primary purpose of the limb is in movement. Because dogs do not need to perform fine motor skills they easily adapt to having only three legs.
  • Amputation can be performed on animals of all ages and breeds. Some older animals may take a little longer to adapt to life on three legs, depending on the underlying reason for the amputation.

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