Orthopedic Surgery

At Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center, we are pleased to be able to provide solutions to many of the complicated orthopedic problems that our pet patients have. Successful veterinary orthopedic surgery requires both expertise and experience. Fortunately, Dr. Stocker has been performing orthopedic surgery for 30+ years. He has a special interest in veterinary orthopedic surgery and is dedicated to excellence in veterinary surgery for the benefit of you and your petDr. Stocker has been using  a surgical CO2 Laser since 1998.  The laser is an amazing surgical instrument that is beneficial in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.  It greatly reduces bleeding, swelling and seals nerves to reduce pain.

Dr. Stocker can diagnose orthopedic problems by combining your pet’s medical history that you give us with the results of our orthopedic and imaging (X-ray) examinations. Some of the conditions we see are minor and will heal with rest and medications. However, many orthopedic conditions that we diagnose are more complicated and require specialized treatment.

Sudden limping or pain accompanied by swelling or the abnormal appearance of a leg could indicate a bone or joint injury. This could be a broken bone or torn ligament. Some pets require orthopedic surgery to correct congenital problems they are born with, not caused by injury. Many of these problems can be corrected with surgery.Rather than referring you to a large specialty hospital, we are able to provide most of the veterinary orthopedic services your pet might need right here in our neighborhood practice, including but not limited to the following examples:

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